Fishing bags and storage

Fishing backpacks and storage

It is important to have the right backpack for fishing when on a trip.

it is cool to be able to have the packed lunch, water, extra lines, camera and flies well secured in a good bag.
We have the best from Simms, and especially the waterproof products are especially functional and great.
Simms has been producing bags for a number of years and is among the leading brands in fishing bags. There are many different models and sizes and here you will find exactly the bag to be used for exactly the purpose you have in mind.

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How to pick the best fishing bag for you

We are used to walking a lot, and changing fihing spots, when we are on the waters.

Therefore we love our fishing bags, to help storage all of our stuff, including fly lines, reels and of course our water.

We like our waterproff Simms fishing bags, as it prevents a "soggy" lucnh and saves our expensive cameras from rain and moist.

When on the move, a sling bag is amazing, as it can contain the most important bits of your fly fishing equipment.

If you however want to bring larger items, a regular fishing bag is the product you are looking for.

Waterproof fishing backpacks

Having a waterproof fishing backpack on our trips, has been a real lifesaver.

When going camping, or just on a longer trip, keeping your stuff is a must - otherwise you end up going home early.

We have quality waterprrof backpacks from Simms and Fishpond, that really does the job well.

The products are lightweight and durable, all we are looking for on a fishing trip.


Are waterproof backpacks really waterproof


A waterproof backpack should always keep water out. This often gets confused with water-resistant, which will tolerate a set amount of water, before it starts leaking in slowly.

Therefore it is important to check the products if it is listed as water resistant or waterproof.