We are Nordic Anglers

The story about Nordic Anglers

Nordic Anglers was founded by school teacher and avid fisherman Daniel D. Holm in Hjortshøj, Denmark in 2014. Daniel started out by creating fly tying tutorials on YouTube. The SBS videos became popular, so he was inspired to start selling fly tying materials to his many viewers. So he bought a small web shop called Blue Dot Media Shop.

Turnover gradually came in and the shop changed its name to fluebinding.nu (with English version under flytying.eu). It quickly meant that the involved office in the private had also become a well-stocked warehourse of fly tying materials, packaging and bobble plastics. As the order bundle became larger and larger, it became difficult to follow along with the full-time job as a primary school teacher. Therefore, Daniel made a big decision in 2016 to terminate his position as a primary school teacher and to go full time in the company.

Daniel wanted to expand and develop the online store, so in 2016 he also chose to get a new partner in the company. It became his friend and former boss for many years, John Petermann. Their friendship arose when Daniel, as a junior, was taken to Kolding to participate in DM in fly tying at the FFD fair. Here he talked to John Petermann, who was setting up his exhibition stand. Daniel offered to help set up the booth and he was allowed to hand a helping hand. When the fly fair was over and Daniel had finished his studies at Aalestrup Naturefterskole, he got a spare time job at John's store. It was the start of a long-standing friendship, where they have worked together in several different contexts, and therefore it was quite natural for Daniel to engage his old "teacher" to develop the business.

The webshop moved in 2017 to larger office space at Rudolfgårdsvej 12 in Viby, Aarhus, which is where Nordic Anglers still has office space today. From here, the store was expanded with a large warehouse and a showroom where events such as fly casting courses, lectures and fly tying events are regularly held.

At the end of 2018, Martin Fabricius joined the owner group in the company. It also became the start of a brand new web shop, a much larger product range and a new logo under the name Nordic Anglers.